Promoting global and regional cooperation

Investments in this area will help build political momentum in regional forums, support practical regional initiatives and inform Australia's engagement in relevant global forums.

Investments will be developed through consultation with partner governments, international organisations and other providers of financial and in-kind assistance for health security.

We will seek to build on the most successful elements of past investments, including those identified in the recent evaluation by DFAT's Office of Development Effectiveness, Evaluating a decade of Australia's efforts to combat pandemics and emerging infectious diseases in Asia and the Pacific 2006-2015: are health systems stronger.

Those investments include:

  • the WHO-led Asia-Pacific Strategy for Emerging Infectious Diseases, Phases I (2007-10) and II (2011-14)
  • Stop Animal Transboundary Animal Disease and Zoonoses (STANDZ, 2011-16)
  • the ASEAN Plus Three Emerging Infectious Diseases Program (2006-10)
  • the US-implemented PREVENT Emerging Disease Reduction program in the Mekong region (2011-15)
  • the CARE Australia-implemented Community-Based Avian Influenza Risk Reduction Program in the Mekong region (2006-10), and
  • the Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Program (2006-10).

Last Updated: 4 October 2017