Australia’s Joint External Evaluation

Australia’s National Action Plan for Health Security 2019-2023 (NAPHS) launched December 2018. The National Action Plan is based recommendations from Australia’s Joint External Evaluation report, published by the World Health Organisation.

The Joint External Evaluation report contains 66 recommendations to further strengthen Australia’s International Health Regulations compliance and improve health security. The National Action Plan for Health Security 2019-2023 was developed from the Joint External Evaluation recommendations that identified priorities for strengthening Australia’s capacity to respond quickly and effectively to emerging public health threats.

It is important for Australia to take part in Joint External Evaluation missions to ensure well-developed health security systems are in place and continuous improvement is valued.

Australia’s voluntary Joint External Evaluation of International Health Regulation compliance took place throughout 2017 between January and October. The evaluation included consultation with over 25 Australian Government agencies, expert committees and organisations, and all eight state and territory governments.

Australia’s final JEE Mission Report is available.

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