Elise Giles

Elise Giles

Role: Project Officer

Partner Organisation: Viet Nam One Health Partnership for Zoonoses, Hanoi Viet Nam

Period: August 2018 – February 2019

Elise worked with the Viet Nam One Health Partnership (OHP) for Zoonoses, strengthening the links between One Health research and policy in Viet Nam. She supported the OHP Secretariat to strengthen policy processes and develop a series of One Health resources. As an Australian Volunteer, Elise collaborated with Vietnamese and international health agencies to contribute to building Viet Nam’s capacity to address zoonotic infectious disease threats at a human-animal-ecosystem interface.

From growing up in rural Queensland to working in domestic and international policy, Elise is passionate about international development and is continually seeking to strengthen the relationship between Australia and the Asia-Pacific. 

The Health Security Corps deploys experts through the Australian Volunteers Program to build capacity for the prevention, detection and control of infectious disease across the Indo-Pacific.