Stephanie Wheeler

Stephanie Wheeler Profile Corps

Role: Technical Officer

Partner Organisation: World Health Organization, Cambodia

Period: July 2017- July 2018

Stephanie was one of Australia’s first members of the Health Security Corps under the Australian Government’s Health Security Initiative. Strengthening health systems is an important part of Australia’s development assistance program and this initiative builds on this work, focusing attention on health security risks and responses in the Indo–Pacific region—a long recognised hot spot of emerging pandemic threats and drug resistance. Strong and resilient regional health systems support productive societies and help reduce the risk to Australians of infectious diseases. Stephanie worked with colleagues at WHO and counterparts in the Cambodian Ministry of Health to promote health security. As an Australian Volunteer, Stephanie supported Cambodia’s public health emergency preparedness and response, including detecting events, assessing the public health impact of these events and how to effectively communicate health messages to partners and the wider community. 

The Health Security Corps deploys experts through the Australian Volunteers Program to build capacity for the prevention, detection and control of infectious disease across the Indo-Pacific.