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  • Infectious Disease Advisor

    Certain Iron Deficiencies May Protect Against Malaria in African Children

    14 November 2018

    14 NOV - Zahra Masoud

    The safety of iron supplementation has been a long-standing concern in malaria-endemic areas and is recommended to be coupled with malaria treatment and prevention strategies in malaria-endemic areas.

  • Frontieres

    Enterovirus D68 – The New Polio?

    13 November 2018

    13 NOV Via CIDRAP - Hayley Cassidy et al., 

    Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) has emerged over the recent years, with large outbreaks worldwide. Increased occurrence has coincided with improved clinical awareness and surveillance of non-polio enteroviruses. Studies showing its neurotropic nature and the change in pathogenicity have established EV-D68 as a probable cause of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM).

  • Malaria Journal

    ResistanceSim: development and acceptability study of a serious game to improve understanding of insecticide resistance management in vector control programmes

    13 November 2018

    13 NOV Edward K. Thomsen et al., - The use of insecticides is the cornerstone of effective malaria vector control. However, the last two decades has seen the ubiquitous use of insecticides, predominantly pyrethroids, causing widespread insecticide resistance and compromising the effectiveness of vector control. Considerable efforts to develop new active ingredients and interventions are underway. However, it is essential to deploy strategies to mitigate the impact of insecticide resistance now, both to maintain the efficacy of currently available tools as well as to ensure the sustainability of new tools as they come to market.

  • devdiscourse

    More dengue cases reported from Delhi; toll rises to 1,875

    13 November 2018

    13 NOV - Nearly 280 fresh cases of dengue have been reported over the last one week in the national capital, taking the total number of people diagnosed with the vector-borne disease this season to 1,875.

  • ptv news

    8 deaths, 1,636 dengue cases recorded in Negros Oriental: DOH

    12 November 2018

    12 NOV - Mary Judaline Partlow

    The Department of Health (DOH) in Negros Oriental has reported that as of the latest count, the number of dengue cases in the province ballooned to 1,636 with eight deaths. 

  • Frontiers

    Roll-Back Eradication of Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) From Wildlife in New Zealand: Concepts, Evolving Approaches, and Progress

    12 November 2018

    12 NOV - Graham Nugent et al., 

    The New Zealand government and agricultural industries recently jointly adopted the goal of nationally eradicating bovine tuberculosis (TB) from livestock and wildlife reservoirs by 2055. Only Australia has eradicated TB from a wildlife maintenance host. Elsewhere the disease is often self-sustaining in a variety of wildlife hosts, usually making eradication an intractable problem.

  • Oxford Academic

    Risk of neuropsychiatric adverse events associated with the use of oseltamivir: a nationwide population-based case-crossover study

    12 November 2018

    12 NOV Via CIDRAP - Hye-Rim Kang et al., 

    Although the potential risk of neuropsychiatric adverse events (NPAEs) upon administration of oseltamivir has been raised in case reports, the association between the use of oseltamivir and the risk of NPAEs is unclear.

  • WHO

    WHO Report on Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption 2016 - 2018 Early implementation

    12 November 2018

    12 NOV - This report presents 2015 data on the consumption of systemic antibiotics from 65 countries and areas, contributing to our understanding of how antibiotics are used in these countries. In addition, the report documents early efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) and participating countries to monitor antimicrobial consumption, describes the WHO global methodology for data collection, and highlights the challenges and future steps in monitoring antimicrobial consumption.

  • Reuters

    African swine fever found in animal feed raises China's contagion risk

    11 November 2018

    11 NOV - Dominique Patton

    Major Chinese animal feed maker Tangrenshen Group reported on Sunday that feed produced by one of its units had been contaminated with African swine fever, raising fears of its spread further across the country.

  • Samoa Observer

    Policy points out key threats to Samoa

    10 November 2018

    10 NOV - Ivamere Nataro

    Four main key areas are highlighted in the Samoa National Security Policy as threats considered most critical to Samoa.


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