How We Work

We work in collaboration and in consultation with all of our partners in the region and in Australia to help determine the best ways that Australia can contribute to the region’s health security. This includes ongoing dialogue with partner governments, regional and Australian institutions and experts to understand priorities, identify expertise and leverage opportunities. In global dialogues with other donors and multilateral partners we advocate for the needs and priorities of our region. We use the these dialogues and consultations to inform our investments.

We have sought activity proposals for three separate rounds of grants: the Stronger Systems for Health Security, Pacific Infectious Diseases Prevention and ASEAN-Pacific Infectious Diseases Detection and Response Program. As a result of these grant rounds, the Centre is supporting 15 lead implementing partners, and up to 30 consortium partners to work with Ministries of Health and governments in the region.

We are guided by the Strategic Framework which outlines how we reach our goal of “contributing to the avoidance and containment of infectious disease threats in the Indo-Pacific region with the potential to cause social and economic harms on a national, regional or global scale” by investing across four pillars, 11 themes and four cross-cutting themes.

Our four pillars are:


The cross-cutting themes of the Centre are embedded in all of our programs, and we are committed to increasing the knowledge of the effects of these cross-cutting themes on health security, and improving the outcome of the program.

Our cross-cutting themes are:

We monitor progress, evaluate results and participate in on-going learning activities to make sure we will deliver our expected outcomes. This involves regular reporting, discussions and dialogues with implementing partners and with partner governments. We publish all documents under our commitment to transparency.

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