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  1. HC Davies and Robin Davies

    Australia Celebrates 50 Years Of Achievement At PNG Institute Of Medical Research

    The Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis attended the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR) in Goroka on Wednesday 29 August, where he spoke about the importance of working in partnership.

    During the sessions, Mr Davis announced that as part of the new Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security, Australia has agreed to provide a new strategic adviser to the Director of IMR for up to four years. The adviser will drive and coordinate IMR’s strategic planning, long-term fund raising, administrative reform and information technology development.

    Mr Davis also congratulated the IMR and the Burnet Institute on winning a new collaborative grant of AUD$3million from the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security. The three year project will address the rapid identification and containment of resurgent and resistant vector-borne pathogens in PNG.