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  1. Katrina Roper

    WorldLink: The 'disease detective' on Ebola's case

    3 May 2019 - DW News

    Epidemiologist Katrina Roper was deployed to Sierra Leone during the 2014-16 Ebola epidemic that killed more than 11,000 people. As a "disease detective," it was her job to go door to door to trace the deadly virus and work out how it was spreading.

  2. Julie Bishop’s aid and development legacy

    4 March 2019 -

    True to form, assessments of Julie Bishop’s five-year stint at Foreign Minister, which ended at the weekend, have said little about her role at the head of Australia’s four billion dollar aid program. Yet, for a small country like Australia, lacking in superpower status, the aid program is probably the main instrument by which a Foreign Minister can exercise influence.

  3. World Bank

    Ebola Escalated Response: US$80 Million Commitment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    1 March 2019 - World Bank

    "Our support for the PEF comes from Australia’s determination to help reduce the risk of global pandemics and improve health security for all,” said the Head of the Centre for Health Security in Australia, Mr. Robin Davies. “Supporting this escalated Ebola response ensures that the PEF continues to fulfill its mission.”

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  4. Data Standards in Environmental Health

    Blog: Data Standards in Environmental Health

    20 February 2019 - Gaia Resources

    When groups like the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security, or the National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee meet up they look at these sorts of reports for each State in paper or digital forms, so there’s a lot of different ways in which that data is presented (we’ve presented at NAMAC once before on the Atlas of Environmental Health). So, how can we improve on this situation?

  5. Australia-US Dialogue on Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

    29 January 2019 - Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator the Hon Marise Payne

    Speech - There are a lot of people in this room, very many familiar faces and very many friends who are important to the US-Australia relationship. And in addition to my friend and colleague Joe, the Ambassador, I wanted to acknowledge two other individuals.

  6. Australian Institute of International Affairs

    Securing Indo-Pacific Health Security: Australia’s Approach to Regional Health Security

    29 January 2019 - Australian Institute of International Affairs

    The Australian Government maintains a strong interest in the health affairs of Indo-Pacific countries. With a combined population comprising two-thirds of the entire world, extensive urbanisation, intensive animal farming practices, huge variation in health system capacity within and between countries, a history of public health events that have included novel pathogens, and the progressive spread of antimicrobial resistance, the Indo-Pacific region has understandably attracted the reputation as serving as both an “epicentre” and “hotbed” of infectious diseases. 

  7. representatives from APLMA, Australia’s TGA and the Department of Drugs and Food (DDF), Cambodia

    Exploring Medicine and Medical Device Regulation Challenges in Cambodia

    17 January 2019 - APLMA

    The Indo Pacific Regulatory Strengthening Program (RSP) began 2019 with a mission to Cambodia, the 6th mission in the region since December 2017.

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  8. Researchers at the University of Queensland

    CEPI partners with University of Queensland to create rapid-response vaccines

    17 January 2019 - Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness

    The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the University of Queensland (UQ)—one of the country’s leading research institutions—have announced a partnering agreement. This funding coincides with the Australian Government committing a further US$ 3.2 million (AU$ 4.5 million) to support CEPI’s mission to develop life-saving vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. The funding will come from the Government’s Health Security Initiative for the Indo-Pacific.

  9. global citizen logo

    New Asia-Pacific Partnership Aims to Stop Fake Medicines Taking the Region Hostage

    10 January 2019 - Global Citizen

    Papua New Guinea and Australia have joined a regional health partnership with five Southeast Asian nations in an attempt to improve access to regulated lifesaving medicines throughout the Indo-Pacific. 
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  10. 9th Southeast Asia & Western Pacific Bi-regional TEPHINET Scientific Conference

    10 January 2019 - TEPHINET

    The conference sessions revolved around the theme, “Investing in field epidemiology training programs in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

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