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  1. 9th Southeast Asia & Western Pacific Bi-regional TEPHINET Scientific Conference

    10 January 2019 - TEPHINET

    The conference sessions revolved around the theme, “Investing in field epidemiology training programs in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

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  2. raising support for aid

    What’s more effective in raising support for aid, kindness or the national interest?

    13 December 2018 - DevPolicy

    The experiment involved a sample of over 4,000 Australians. Each participant was randomly allocated either to a control group who were only asked a set of questions about their views on Australian aid, or to one of several treatment groups. Each of the treatment groups was provided with a short newspaper-like article about an Australian aid initiative – an initiative modelled on the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security. 
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  3. Surveillance Workshop

    Environmental Health, Data Standards and Open Source Software

    5 December 2018 - Gaia Resources Blog

    Recently, I was asked to give a couple of talks to the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security (IPCHS) around the Atlas of Environmental Health. 
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  4. Staff from the Vietnamese Drug Administration and Australian TGA teams

    Speeding up the registration of priority tests and treatments in Vietnam

    4 December 2018 - APLMA

    Efforts to strengthen medicines regulation and accelerate the registration of tools to test and treat malaria are underway in Vietnam. Following the launch of the Indo-Pacific Regulatory Strengthening Program (RSP), the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) together with APLMA visited Viet Nam for a scoping mission this week, the 5th mission in the region since December 2017.

  5. Australia’s Indo-Pacific health security initiative

    22 November 2018 - Lowy Interpreter

    The pressing question is whether $300 million will be sufficient to lock in the early gains achieved by this initiative so that the region, and Australia, benefits. We should not only ask “is it wise?”, but also “is it enough?”.  
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  6. Singapore skyline

    APLMA Board welcomes eminent leaders in public health and development

    17 October 2018 - APLMA

    The APLMA Board of Directors met in October for their second semi-annual meeting of 2018, in Singapore.

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  7. Securing Indo-Pacific health security: Australia’s approach to regional health security

    15 October 2018 - Australian Journal of International Affairs

    This article considers the implications of Australia’s new regional health security initiative, its focus and direction. 
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  8. Deputy Singapore High Commissioner speaking at the launch

    One step closer to stronger health systems in Asia Pacific

    5 October 2018 - APLMA

    To tackle emerging and re-emerging health threats and infectious diseases, guaranteeing access to the right and quality health products is crucial. This was made clear during a reception hosted by the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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  9. HC Davies and Robin Davies

    Australia Celebrates 50 Years Of Achievement At PNG Institute Of Medical Research

    30 August 2018 - Papua New Guinea Post-Courier

    The Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis attended the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR) in Goroka on Wednesday 29 August, where he spoke about the importance of working in partnership. During the sessions, Mr Davis announced that Australia has agreed to provide a new strategic adviser to the Director of IMR for up to four years.
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