Kiribati Vaccine Support

Australia has committed $3.3 million for COVID-19 vaccine access during 2020-23 in Kiribati.

  • 50,500 vaccine doses delivered to date from Australia's own supply line
  • Vaccine doses procured through Australia’s agreement with UNICEF

Supporting National Vaccine Rollout
  • Training for health workers
  • Waste management in health facilities
  • Communications campaigns to raise awareness and promote vaccination in the community

Providing Technical Expertise
  • Strengthening systems to ensure vaccine safety
  • Using evidence to build quality immunisation programs

Our Impact So Far

  • NCIRS provided policy advice to share with the Kiribati Ministry of Health on breakthrough cases by vaccine type and COVID-19 variants.
  • Supported the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to Kiribati outer islands. Supporting the assessment of the enabling environment for water, sanitation and hygiene in healthcare facilities through the stock-taking and review of existing guidelines and policies.


Australian-shared COVID-19 Vaccines

21,000 Australian-shared COVID-19 vaccines for Kiribati

Australian-shared COVID-19 vaccines and consumables arrive in Kiribati via Pacific Flights Program flights.
COVID-19 vaccine batch testing at the TGA

Australian regulator puts vaccines to the test

Australia has shared millions of COVID-19 vaccines with our neighbours. Each vaccine batch has passed an independent ‘batch release assessment’ to confirm consistent safety, efficacy and quality.