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The Indo-Pacific Region

What the project will achieve:

Information management systems are essential to health systems playing a number of critical functions including supporting efficient registration and management of medical products for timely access and availability of medicines, vaccines and diagnostics.

Through this project, open source software will be made available for installation that will facilitate medical product registration and stock management of medical products across health system levels. A cold chain monitoring module will also be developed with automated temperature monitoring, alerts and visualisation networked throughout the supply chain, which will safeguard the appropriate storage of medical products including vaccines.

How the project will do it:

For product registration an existing regulatory information management software (Integrated regulatory information management system, IRIMS), will be redeveloped as open source with new functionality integrated into the mSupply support system (Open IRIMS). The new software will be deployed in Laos.

mSupply desktop is a licenced medical inventory software that is widely used in low and middle income countries to support procurement, distribution and dispensing of medical stocks. The software will be redeveloped to first phase as open source (Open mSupply).

Alongside this, a cold chain monitoring module will be expanded and integrated into mSupply to allow close management of cold chain supplies from fridges in central warehouses through to primary health facilities.

How the project has responded to COVID-19:

The integration of a cold chain monitoring module into mSupply supports tracking of individual COVID-19 vaccine batches complete cold chain storage history from procurement through to patient dispensing. Thus ensuring the quality and safety of vaccines during immunisation roll out.

Lead implementing partner:

mSupply Foundation


  • Laos Ministry of Health



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