The Pacific Community (SPC)

What are the challenges? 

Pacific Island countries face capacity gaps in infection prevention and control. Regional guidelines for infection prevention and control are out of date, and guidelines at the country and institution-level also require further development. Field epidemiology capacity also requires development in the region. Accordingly, there is a need to bolster this capacity through extending and strengthening the Pacific Community's (SPC) field epidemiology training program.

How will we address these challenges?

The Centre will fund two specialist technical advisers in the Pacific Community's Public Health Division up to three years to provide support to Pacific Island countries on:

  • infection, prevention and control
  • training for field epidemiology.


Pacific Island Countries.


The Pacific Community's Public Health Division, based in Suva, Fiji.

What will success look like?

Regional guidelines and plans for infection, prevention and control will be updated and countries will be provided support to adapt them into country and institutional plans and to begin implementation of updated guidelines.

The SPC's epidemiological capacity will be strengthened, including through expansion of the regional Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP), as well as by strengthening surveillance and potential deployment for outbreak response.