Regulatory Laboratory Capacity Strengthening Project


Vaccines, Drugs and Diagnostics


Cambodia and Laos

What the project will achieve:

Health service programs for diseases such as malaria and TB require medicines that are effective, safe and are of good quality. National drug quality laboratories have an important role to protect consumers from sub-standard and falsified medicines that can cause serious adverse reactions by testing medicines from manufacturers and suppliers.

The national drug quality laboratories of Cambodia and Laos will be strengthened to international laboratory standards with the necessary capacity and functionality to conduct drug quality testing. This will help to ensure markets are not marketing poor quality products, thus protecting the health and safety of the general population.

How the project will do it:

This project will work with the national drug control laboratories of Cambodia and Laos to support their attainment of international accreditation standards, WHO pre-qualification and ISO/IEC 17025:2017, respectively.

Lead implementing partner:

United States Pharmacopeia


  • National Health Quality Control Laboratory, Cambodia
  • Food and Drug Quality Control Center, Laos



For more information: 

 U.S. Pharmacopeia website