Tuvalu Vaccine Support

Australia has committed $1.35 million for COVID-19 vaccine access during 2020-23 in Tuvalu.

  • 8,800 vaccine doses delivered to date from Australia's own supply line
  • 11,700 COVID-19 vaccines procured through Australia's partnership with UNICEF

Supporting National Vaccine Rollout
  • Communications campaigns to raise awareness and promote vaccination in the community

Providing Technical Expertise
  • Strengthening systems to ensure vaccine safety
  • Using evidence to build quality immunisation


Our Impact So Far

  • Supported risk communication and community engagement interventions such as house-to-house visits and community dialogues, radio interventions, distribution of pamphlets and stickers, to verify vaccination status in each household and motivate eligible unvaccinated people to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A total of 11,000 people (approximately 3,700 households) were reached, many of them several times. 
  • Australian support contributed to a rise in full vaccination coverage from 47% in July to 74% by the end of September.

Download a Factsheet: Tuvalu Vaccine Support