Regional Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative

The Australian Government is committed to supporting access to safe, effective and affordable COVID-19 vaccines for the Pacific and Southeast Asia, as part of a shared recovery for our region from the pandemic. This will also contribute to Australia’s own health security and economic recovery.

We are securing access to COVID-19 vaccines for Australia, the Pacific and Southeast Asia through a range of advance purchase agreements with manufacturers and through participation in the multilateral COVAX Facility.

Through the Regional Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative, the Australian Government will provide a range of support including supplying safe and effective vaccine doses and delivering technical support to our regional partners. Australia will assist with assessment of vaccine safety, efficacy and quality by national regulatory authorities, informed by WHO advice.

We are committing an additional $500 million over three years.

The funding will further help ensure that the countries of the Pacific and Timor-Leste can achieve full immunisation coverage, and will make a significant contribution toward meeting the needs of Southeast Asia.

Ensuring countries in our region can quickly recover from the health and economic impacts of this devastating global pandemic is vital to ensuring our shared economic future in the post-pandemic world.

A fast, safe vaccine rollout in the Pacific and Southeast Asia will mean we are able to return to more normal travel, tourism and trade with our key partners in the region.

This initiative is separate from, and additional to, Australia’s ongoing international development assistance budget.

The funding complements Australia’s support for global efforts to help our region to access vaccines, including through the COVAX Facility and its Advance Market Commitment (AMC) for developing countries. Australia has already contributed $80 million to the Facility’s AMC for the benefit of high-risk populations in developing countries.


See the Foreign Minister's full 31 October 2020 media release.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has established a Vaccine Taskforce, headed by Robin Davies.

The Expert Advisory Group guiding the implementation of the Intiative will be chaired by Australia's Ambassador for Regional Health Security Dr Stephanie Williams. You can find more information on the group's members here.