Flag of Vietnam

The Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security has been working with the Government of Vietnam and partner organisations to strengthen capacities to prepare and respond to health security threats, including COVID-19.

A Joint External Evaluation (JEE) was conducted in late 2016 and found high levels of capacity in coordination and communication, zoonotic diseases, surveillance and immunisation but mixed results in preparedness, antimicrobial resistance, planning and reporting. An assessment of veterinary services was completed in 2010.

The Centre conducted a Scoping Mission to South-East Asia in 2018, and these recommendations helped to inform priorities and propose areas for investment. In March 2019, DFAT opened a call for proposals for activities through the Pacific Infectious Disease Prevention (PIDP) and ASEAN-Pacific Infectious Disease Detection and Response (APIDDaR) programs and in 2020, partners will commence activities to prepare and respond to major health security threats, including COVID-19.

The following regional programs have been developed to build health security capacity in Vietnam: