Resources that guide the Centre for Health Security investments.


Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) is a core component of our work at the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security. We actively track all our investments to make sure that we are continuing to advance our goal of improving the detection, prevention and response to infectious diseases in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Regularly monitoring our projects, evaluating our programs and publishing and disseminating updates on progress and results is an on-going pursuit. We also work to learn from lessons and revise our investments when needed.

There are a number of tools and processes that are part of our MEL system:

  • we have a strategic framework to guide our investments;
  • we have a performance assessment framework which captures our progress towards our outcomes and goals;
  • we have key definitions and principles of reporting;
  • we have technical guidance notes on how to measure evidence of change;
  • we have regular Monitoring and Evaluation partner meetings. Find links to presentations and recordings of previous meetings and documents at our Monitoring and Evaluation Partner Meetings; and
  • we have a dedicated monitoring and evaluation team here in the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security to oversight and direct this important work.
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Joint External Evaluation

The Joint External Evaluation assessed Australia’s health security capability in an intensive, year-long evaluation throughout 2017.

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Health Security Initiative MEL Hub

Monitoring, evaluation and learning resources for HSI investments. 

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Partnerships for a Healthy Region Hub

Resources for the PHR initiative. 

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Partner meetings

PHR and HSI partner meetings