Health Security Initiative


The Australian Government's Health Security Initiative for the Indo-Pacific region, launched by the Minister for Foreign Affairs on 8 October 2017, contributed to the avoidance and containment of infectious disease threats with the potential to cause social and economic harms on a national, regional or global scale.

With funding of $300 million over five years from 2017, the Health Security Initiative aimed to inform evidence-based planning, help prevent avoidable epidemics, strengthen early detection capacity, and support rapid, effective national and international outbreak responses.

It did this by accelerating research on new drugs and diagnostics, expanding partnerships at the national, regional and global level to strengthen human and animal health systems, and deepening people-to-people linkages that build national and regional health security capacity. Funding for the initiative was drawn from Australia's international development assistance program and applied to activities eligible to be classified as Official Development Assistance.

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Health Security Initiative Investments

HSI invested in projects across 11 themes and 4 cross-cutting themes.

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HSI Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Hub

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning resources for HSI investments. 

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Progress Report
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Strategic Framework 2019-2022
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