Ines Atmosukarto

Technical Reference Group
Partnerships for a Healthy Region

Dr Ines I Atmosukarto (Ph.D) returned to Indonesia after completing her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Australia. Over the following decade she established a research group at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (then knowns as LIPI) and forged a natural product drug discovery program at the Research Institute for Biotechnology which led to the birth of a joint-venture between the institute and Australia-based philanthropic investors. Dr Atmosukarto relocated to Australia and led the technical program of Lipotek Pty Ltd, a specialised biotech firm rooted in vaccine development and drug delivery, originating from the Australian National University. She believes in opportunities for innovation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries and established an ongoing collaboration between Lipotek and PT Bio Farma, an Indonesia-based vaccine manufacturer. Since the beginning of 2022, Dr Atmosukarto has worked closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Health (MOH) to support their health biotechnology transformation agenda as the architect behind the recently launched MOH national genomic initiative. She is a member of the ANU Indonesia Institute Advisory Board, a technical consultant for the Australia Indonesia Health Security Partnership and currently acts as a Technical Advisor to the Indonesian Minister for Health.