Armandina Gusmao Amaral, Partnership for Human Development

Indo-Pacific Health Leaders Series

I was pleased to continue the Indo-Pacific Health Leaders Series on the Contain This podcast with Armandina Gusmao Amaral, the Program Director at the Partnership for Human Development when I was in Timor-Leste recently.

In this special series, I hold frank conversations with leaders looking at how they are facing current challenges, making decisions amidst uncertainty planning ahead while dealing with a current health crisis, and how they, as individuals, adapt and adjust their leadership style.

Mana Dina is a stalwart of public health and development in Timor Leste, having worked with AusAID, then the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade since 2004. She developed her passion for healthcare and serving her community watching her late father work as a nurse when she was a child, and she has dedicated her career to helping develop Timor Leste’s health sector.

Mana Dina and I talk about building resilient health systems in Timor Leste and how the pandemic has challenged the work of the Partnership for Human Development.

Mana Dina talks about how her passion for working with people and communities has helped her work in coordination, engagement and management of health systems.

We also discuss Mana Dina’s work mentoring the next generation of health workers in Timor Leste and what more needs to be done to not only strengthen the healthcare system in our region, but also develop the pipeline of talented healthcare workers from doctors and nurses, to public health professionals.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and learn more about the Partnership for Human Development’s work at