Access to information accelerates Fiji's COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Visualisation from the Fiji Ministry of Health vaccines portal on Tupaia. Image capture July 2021.
Visualisation from the Fiji Ministry of Health vaccines portal on Tupaia. Image capture July 2021.

Australia is supporting the Fiji Government to strengthen health information systems, helping Fijian health authorities to better track vaccinations administered and therefore helping to flatten the curve of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Tamanu and the data capture, integration and display tool Tupaia, with support from the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security under the Health Security and Vaccine Access Initiatives.

The Tupaia system is enabling the Ministry of Health and Medical Services officials to capture and review immunisation coverage down to the village level to inform the management of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

"The Fiji COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce is using Tupaia every day to help with decision making, to help improve coverage and ensure our teams are having the maximum impact. The public is also very happy to be able to access this data so quickly,” says Rachel Devi, The Government of Fiji’s Head of Fiji COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce.

The Fiji Ministry of Health vaccines portal on Tupaia, which was launched at the end of June 2021, is publicly-accessible.

Since the launch, the system has been visited by 141,189 unique users and access to the system has received an enormous 358,261 visits from in country users.

The large number of unique users and site visitations are attributed to the tracking of the Fijian vaccination program by healthcare workers and the public desire for straightforward, reliable information.

In the medium and long term, these strengthened health information systems will be able to capture data on all diseases and health commodities.

The Tupaia platform is being implemented in a number of Pacific Island governments through the Centre’s support to the innovative small Australian company Beyond Essential Systems. It assists countries to manage their healthcare projects, strengthen services, and use their resources effectively. It helps health ministries to shape decision making and everyday micro-planning by pulling data from a variety of sources and presenting it in near real-time through an easy to use, interactive online map.

Explore the Tupaia platform here.